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An early education in music and piano matured into adolescent years shared between my two horses, my piano/composition teachers and the cheap thrills of live performances with their various backstage rituals.

I remember thinking that classical music proved to be much more exciting than a “nerdy discipline” - as most of the “cool guys” seemed to perceive it.

Despite sensing that the classical world’s conservative ways could lack flexibility, my destiny was (temporarily) decided and led to my admission for a master-degree in piano performance at the Brussels Royal Conservatory.

I was taught invaluable skills and knowledge, yet something fundamental remained missing: creativity and individual aesthetic were disregarded in favor of scholarly obedience.

For years to come, I would have to keep my creative voice on hold while touring the world as a pianist for the Royal Academy of Dance and the Imperial Ballet, daunted by the same familiar feeling.

Fortunately, life after the Conservatory was about to take me for a dive in waters of all kinds.

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Feels so good to get lost!

Some people say that everything happens for a reason. I sometimes still wonder how a gap year in South-East Asia turned into a decade of exile, a myriad of travels and the most inspiring encounters and collaborations.

I surely hit a couple of bumps on the road but the risk proved to be worth taking.

Pushed by a growing sense of creative freedom, the desire to share my heritage with the people of my second home - Thailand - has allowed me to create unthinkable shows: underwater serenade, mountain sunset extravaganza, contemporary art museum saga…

Adventure, utopia and decadence never failed as faithful companions along the way.

I believe in performances that can leave an imprint in someone’s soul. It can be simple or crazy as long as it is sincere.

Inspiration may stem from the special energy of a particular location just as much as from its weirdest flaws. From ancient ruins to monsoon storms, mythical creatures to timeless novels. I aim to curate each performance in tune with the chosen venue, the star alignment in the sky or the audience’s particular interests. An infallible key against boredom!

Let yourself drift along :-)

Jonas Dept a.k.a. THE PiANOLOGIST